PPE Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission Pan - 2017-2020 FORD w/ 10R80 Transmission

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Ford's 10R80 transmission is revolutionary. This 10-speed power manager can go from street to strip with a flick of a button on some vehicle applications. All this available power generates more heat. Even daily light-to-light commutes create high heat. High heat destroys transmission internals and scorches fluid. Each of these contributes to reduced performance and transmission life.

PPE's cast aluminum pan provides superior cooling over the stock plastic pan. The stock plastic pan has no drain plug and is discarded each transmission service. The PPE Pan's cast-aluminum construction with exterior fins transfers heat away from transmission internals. Lower transmission fluid temperatures extend transmission life. The benefits of the PPE Pan also include easier fluid services. Simply drain, plug and refill. No more trans fluid showers.

The PPE Heavy-Duty 10R80 Transmission Pan also features our high-power Neodymium magnet-equipped drain plug to keep harmful ferrous metal contaminants out of the transmission internals.

Reduces ground clearance by 2 Inches on Mustang Applications.


  • High-grade A356.0-T6 heat-treated cast aluminum alloy
  • Increases fluid capacity by 1 3/4 quarts
  • Permanent replacement for "throwaway" stock plastic pan
  • 3/4-inch external cooling fins reduce fluid temperature
  • Large 1-inch Neodymium magnet-equipped billet 304 stainless steel drain plug with Viton O-ring
  • 1/8-inch NPT port for optional temperature probe
  • Reuses OEM gasket, bolts, and studs
  • Limited lifetime warranty