Banks Boost Tube Upgrade Kit FOR 2017-2019 CHEVY/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L DURAMAX, L5P

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Banks massive 3.5in boost tubes are the largest charge air cooler pipes on the market, flowing 680 CFM and 87% more air than stock! Smooth mandrel-bent tubes deliver more air to your engine while reducing boost pressure loss resulting in quicker turbo spool and more power.


Banks oversized charge air cooler pipes and a unique billet intercooler adapter results in less boost pressure loss from turbo to intake manifold.
With an 87% improvement in airflow, your turbo can spool faster and sustain boost pressure with less wasted energy and heat.
Banks Boost-Tubes allow your engine, and specifically your turbo, to work less hard in compressing intake air; this maximizes horsepower delivery while reducing engine stress.
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At Banks Power, our goal has always been to out-perform stock, our competitors, and even ourselves.
Fitting a full 3.5" charge air cooler pipe through the existing engine bay compartment of your L5P was no easy task, but we did it.
Put side by side with the factory piping, ours could practically eat the stock one whole, all while smoothing out tight bends and improving outflow.
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One of the keys to our high performance comes in our unique cold side billet intercooler coupler.
Our engineers used CFD simulations to design the perfect taper to maximize airflow and reduce restriction and drag at the connection point.
The shape and curvature of this coupler is critical to maintaining the pressure efficiency throughout the intercooler system.
Billet Charge Air Cooler Coupler


Whether you are looking at the cheap OEM plastic intercooler return pipe that's prone to cracking and failure, or the undersized alternatives from the other guys, there really is no comparison.
For peak performance, durability, and reliability, you either go Banks, or you don't go at all. Upgrade to full 3.5 inch charge air cooler pipes for your L5P, with Banks Boost Tubes.
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