Banks Power Ram Air Intake System 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

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2017-219 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L

40% increased Air Density

The best intake in its class. Designed for maximum air density gain giving you more power and better mileage. Proprietary filter sleeve provides superior airflow with best in class performance. Largest and least restrictive filter in its class. Unparalleled dirt capacity for more miles between cleaning. Retains stock battery location.

When Banks engineers set out to design a Ram-Air intake for the 2017-19 Ford 6.7L Super Duty, they had one seemingly impossible challenge: to achieve higher air density at the turbo inlet than all competitors while keeping the airbox in the stock location behind the battery. As Power Stroke owners know, the battery is located near the front corner of the engine bay. This means air must pass above and/or below the battery to the airbox behind it. One of the competitors chose to relocate the battery by having the customer attach a piece of supplied angle-iron to the thin firewall, cantilevering it over the engine. In our opinion, the battery is much too heavy and poses a danger if it were to break loose and fall. After all, many trucks see off-road conditions. These requirements would set our Mechanical Engineering team on a year-long mission of design, research and development, and on and off-road testing.

Banks Power Ram Air Intake System Features:

  • 40% Air Density increase over stock
  • Power and MPG increase
  • EPDM rubber elbow with bellows and coolant hose rest
  • Forward-facing inlet integrates with stock inlet
  • Secondary air inlet draws the coolest air possible
  • Retains stock battery location
  • The proprietary sleeve provides superior airflow
  • Largest air filter in its class (Oiled: 1,065 sq-in surface area)
  • Least restrictive air filter in its class
  • Unparalleled dirt capacity
  • 99% filtration
  • More miles between cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Simple installation