Banks Ram-Air® Cold Air Intake System FOR 2020-2023 GM L5P DURAMAX

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A groundbreaking cold air intake featuring the patented Banks Air Mass Control Module. The electronic device allows our engineers to design past stock size and airflow limitations, putting the Ram-Air system in a league of its own. No other intake even comes close. Adds power, sharpens turbo response, and improves fuel economy. Beats stock and competitors where it matters most; mass airflow, pressure retention, and dirt capacity. Provides a strong induction note.

49 State Compliant

California Compliance in Progress


The ECM (Engine Control Module) in your 2020-22 Duramax monitors air mass and pressure so closely that any deviation from stock results in a check engine light. This means that competitive aftermarket intakes must flow the same as stock.
The new patented Banks Air Mass Control Module allows our engineers to design past this electronic limitation. In other words, we are not limited by stock airflow constraints.
—U.S. Patent #11,193,441
Hand holding the Banks Air Mass Control Module for scale


The all-new Ram-Air cold air intake system's large organic shape eliminates all restrictions and turbulence to the turbo. The radical new design allows for a massive 58% gain in Mass Air Flow over the stock system.
The oversized Big-Ass filter has greater dust capacity giving you more miles between services and flows freely long after stock and competitors are clogged with debris.
The huge filter outlet smoothly tapers down providing the highest gains in air density.
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The 2020-22 Duramax OEM Air Box is a bulky multi-piece design with harsh bends, corners and is designed for dust collection, not performance. The air path is compromised by resonators and silencers in an effort to keep noise at a minimum.
While the factory design does have inlets that mate to the hood's air scoop, its square filter and S-shaped flow path induces turbulence and drag to the intake system lowering Mass Air Flow.
Side XRay View of OEM vs Banks Ram-Air L5P Intake


The new Banks Ram-Air system features a durable heat-resistant Cross-Linked Polyethylene enclosure with a smooth organic shape that maximizes cool air volume around the filter and maintains air density into the box itself.
The top hood scoop duct now dumps directly into the airbox chamber improving the ram-air effect at speed.
Top XRay View of OEM vs Banks Ram-Air L5P Intake


Standard factory style bellows induce drag to the intake. This added turbulence affects the boundary layer on the inside of the intake reducing the effective diameter for air to flow through.
Banks' huge tapering intake elbow with exclusive bellows slide over the Banks Super-Tube allowing for free engine movement and unobstructed airflow into the turbo.
The elbow is made from EPDM synthetic rubber instead of silicone for greater environmental resistance and strength against damage or collapse under vacuum.
Top XRay View of OEM vs Banks Ram-Air L5P Intake Showing CFD effect of bellows


The greater the air mass entering your engine, the less fuel your engine will consume.
That also means less engine heat going into the engine oil and coolant system since it is working less hard to make the same horsepower. In other words, improved fuel economy and less stress on the engine itself!
Yes, airflow (CFM) is important, but if the system flows more air, and that air is hot, you'll likely see a loss in horsepower and more stress on your engine.
Pressurized, cool, dense air is the winning combination. To learn more about air density, see this article.
Stock vs Banks Ram-Air intake photo showcasing radical new design


The Big-Ass filter sits angled down in the air box to discourage dirt and debris from getting wedged between the pleats and Its massive 51in2 filter outlet Filter has over twice the airflow area of any competitor.
The Banks Super-Tube fits perfectly over the top of the Big-Ass Filter which has an integrated collar to smoothly transition airflow from the air box and into the turbo with the lowest resistance and drag.
Banks Ram-Air Intake Tube and Filter Next to a can for scale


While other brands go for bragging rights for the "biggest" by cramming more pleats into their filters, they end up designing one that gets clogged faster and flows less air.
Just having a big looking filter, does not mean it will perform the best.
The Banks Big-Ass Filter has an optimized ratio of filter surface area, pleat count, and media thickness allowing it to outflow every other filter tested while breathing evenly from all sides. Banks wins again.
Banks L5P Ram-Air filter size comparison
Banks Air Filter Test vs aFe and S&B