Banks Ram-Air Intake System 2020-2022 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

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 Mass Air Flow Leader

The Banks Ram-Air out-flows and out-performs aFe and S&B when tested for Mass Air Flow. Denser, heavier air improves fuel economy since your engine has to work less hard to make the same horsepower. The Ram-Air system improves Mass Air Flow by 36% over to stock. That's a huge gain compared to S&B, and over twice the gain aFe produced.

Mass Air Flow Chart comparing Banks aginst competition

Banks Big-Ass Filter

Our Big-Ass Air Filter stands head and sholders above the rest offering the largest filter volume and surface area when compared to Stock, S&B, and aFe.

Bar chart comparing filter external area, Banks leads with 92% larger size vs stock.Bar chart comparing filter volume , Banks leads with 92% larger size vs stock.

Size Matters

Your Ford Power Stroke is built to keep on trucking no matter what it faces. The last thing you want is to be stuck with reduced engine performance due to a clogged filter. The Ram-Air's Big-Ass filter boasts 116.7 in2 more filter surface area than its two closest competitors. That means more hauling, and less stopping between filter services.


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Built To Move

When under load, your engine rocks from side-to-side. The Ram-Air system features unique billows that are positioned to allow engine movement. The XLPE intake tube slides under and through these billows to provide turbulence-free high-velocity airflow while maintaining a smooth bend into the turbo inlet.

Airflow Visualization

The Banks Ram-Air system’s unique smooth tapered shape continues through the silicone billows and allows for turbulence-free airflow and maximum efficiency.

All other intakes tested from stock, aFe, or S&B, all have design flaws with intake tube design, filter style, or billow type, that cause turbulence resulting in reduced Mass Air Flow.