BANKS RAM-AIR REAR DIFFERENTIAL COVER 2019-2023 RAM 2500/3500 | 2020-2024 GM 2500HD/3500HD (WITH AA14-11.5 OR 12" 14-BOLT AAM AXLES)

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Fitment Note

Sway Bar Spacers required on Ram Trucks with OEM sway bar.

Does Not Fit Ram Trucks With Airbag Suspension Alone

  •   Airbags Alone
  •  Airbags + Coils
  •  Airbags + Leaf Springs
  •  Leaf Springs + Shocks


The Banks Power 19286 Ram-Air Black & Milled Rear Differential Cover that will help cool the differential in your 2019-2023 Ram 2500/3500 or 2020-2023 GM 2500HD/3500HD. This cover overcomes the “dead air zone” behind the differential with air scoops that force high-velocity air into heat radiation fins. The end result in superior heat dissipation over differential covers with a flat back in the same working environments. This cover mounts flush with differential housing for improved fluid flow and utilizes internal guides to direct the gear lube to bearings without overfilling. This fluid flow minimizes fluid aeration for extended fluid life while the interior cooling fins transmit high temperatures through the cover into the exterior fins.

Using aircraft grade diecast A380 aluminum, the Banks Power Differential Cover is manufactured for unbeatable strength. This cover does not require the use of RTV as it uses a silicone O-ring with a high-pressure seal. The recessed magnetic drain plug will grab any ferrous debris and the 20-degree angled magnetic fill plug makes filling this cover a breeze. This cover has an 1/8” NPT sensor port that allows you to install a temperature probe and includes 304 stainless-steel hex mounting bolts. Easily check the fluid level and fluid quality with the sight-glass has a contrast screen. This cover will not hit the Panhard bar or spare tire heat shield and does not sacrifice ground clearance. The air scoops are intended to break-away if hooked on an obstruction in the road.

  • Ram-Air System
  • Magnetic Fill Plug
  • Lubricant Raceway
  • 1/8” NPT Sensor Port
  • Directional Fluid Guides
  • Patented Ram-Air Scoops
  • Internal Heat Absorption Fins
  • Class-Leading Heat Rejection
  • Precision Fit Machined Surface
  • Sight-Glass with Contrast Screen
  • Die-Cast A380 Aluminum Construction
  • Includes 304 Stainless-Steel Hardware
  • Radiused Ports For Smoother Fluid Flow
  • Does Not Sacrifice Any Ground Clearance
  • Magnetic Drain Plug For Simple Fluid Changes
  • Engineered To Break-Away If Snagged On An Obstacle
  • Dry-Mount High-Pressure Silicone O-Ring Seal. No More Messy RTV!
  • Clears Spare Tire Heat Shield, Panhard Bars, And Other Components
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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