EDGE EZX MODULE 2020-2022 GM 1500 - 3.0L Duramax

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The EZX is the ultimate plug and play performance upgrade for your 3.0L Duramax powered 1500 series truck. Offering total control over your diesel Silverado or Sierra, EZX offers power on-the-fly through your steering wheel controls. With max gains of 47hp/91ft-lbs of torque and the ability to fine tune pedal sensitivity, you'll love the EZX driving experience. With simple inline piggyback installation, EZX requires no ECM unlocking or flashing, making it easy to remove without a trace for dealer services. Expect improved fuel economy, better towing performance and customizable feature control through our free innovative smartphone app. Engineered and developed by diesel guys for diesel guys this inline module is perfect for the daily driver and towing application, and offers safe, emissions friendly performance. By tapping into the MAF, MAP, and FRP sensors our engineers developed safe power gains that keep your emissions system happy and running trouble free! Under normal conditions, we've seen no change in regen frequency but experience improved throttle response, better turbo spool up, and mileage increases across the board. Using the smartphone app, available for download through Android and IOS stores, you get control of your truck with the ability to calibrate for a bigger tire size and gear ratio changes. The app offers 7 different throttle pedal sensitivity levels, you can adjust and save in each power level. Engine Auto Start/Stop can be disabled, manual and adjustable engine high idle, TPMS thresholds can be changed along with your top speed limiter! EZX app also allows you to read and clear trouble codes, check your emissions readiness status and perform a manual DPF regen cycle. If you're looking for the total driving experience, checkout the EZX+Insight CTS3 kit also available, part number 23710-3 So don't waste your hard earned cash and spend extra time installing two or three different products, when you can get it all in one easy to install device like EZX!


  • 5 Power Levels Adjustable on-the-fly through steering wheel controls
  • 7 User adjustable throttle booster settings in each power level via app
  • Tire Size Speedo Calibration via App (29-50")
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors Pressure Threshold adjust via app (20-99psi)
  • Top Speed Limiter Adjust (82-124mph)
  • Auto Start Stop Enable/Disable
  • Gear Ratio Calibration via App (2-6.99:1)
  • Engine High Idle adjustable through steering wheel controls when in Park (800-2000 rpms)
  • Engine Coolant Protection (Module adds no power until 120-degree ECT, backs down power at 240-degrees ECT)
  • Manual DPF Regen via app
  • Read and clear ECM/TCM diagnostic codes via app
  • Check Emissions Readiness monitors via app
  • *Does not support 2022.5+ Refresh, 2021+ SUV or LZ0 models


  • Level 5 offers max gains of 47hp/91tq at 2800 RPM's
  • Level 1 - 10hp/13tq peak
  • Level 2 - 15hp/40tq peak
  • Level 3 - 19hp/49tq peak
  • Level 4 - 25hp-54tq peak
  • Level 5 - 27hp/76tq peak