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NOTE - Can Not Be Shipped To California 
The Edge Products 26402 EvoHT2 Tuner with ECM Unlock Tool allows you to add up to 150HP to the rear wheels without sending in the PCM in your 2017-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P. The innovative Locksmith device and unlock cable now allows for complete ECM unlocking without touching the module itself. No finicky ECM harnesses to disconnect, no disabling your truck to ship an ECM across the country, and no cores to deal with. The Locksmith device and unlock cable will save you time, money and aggravation when installing the EvoHT2. This tuner offers huge power gains with enhanced throttle response, faster spool-up, and can help to improve fuel economy.
The Edge Products 26402 EvoHT2 Tuner with ECM Unlock Tool comes with four tunes preloaded tunes: Economy, Light Tow, Heavy Tow, and Extreme. This tuner allows you to calibrate the speedometer for bigger tires to correct the transmission shift strategy, MPH, and odometer reading. This unit also allows you to adjust your Tire Pressure Monitoring sensors (TPMS) to remove the low-pressure warning light when running lower tire pressure. The Remember Last Button Setting is a very convenient feature while towing as it allows the Tow/Haul, Grade Braking settings, and Exhaust Brake to remain enabled on every key-cycle. 
Power & Drivability
Stock trucks  were tested for thousands of miles to created calibrations that were clean, safe, and efficient. You can fine-tune your driving experience to suit your driving style by adjusting the sensitivity of the throttle pedal (5–50% more than stock). With faster turbo spool-up, enhanced pedal responsiveness, excellent passing power, and better mileage at cruising speeds, the Economy tune provides the best daily driving experience. To fulfill the needs of a daily driver or weekend towing tasks, the Light Towing or Heavy Towing programs are available. You wouldn't think that a 3/4-ton truck could accelerate with the kind of sports car acceleration provided by the Extreme Tune's well over 500 rear-wheel horsepower tune. The EvoHT2 Extreme tune added 147hp/362tq to the tires of Edge’s 2019 test truck that produced 378hp/882tq stock for a total of 525hp/1244tq!
  • Speed Limiter Disable
  • Easy Internet Updates
  • Gear Ratio Calibration
  • Manual & Mobile Regen
  • Allison Transmission Relearn
  • Adjust Idle Speed & Rev Limiter
  • High Definition 2.8” Color Screen
  • Adjust TPMS Settings From 1 – 90 PSI
  • Reads & Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Adds up to 150HP & 350TQ To The Rear Tires
  • Tire Size Speedometer Calibration Up To 38” Tires
  • Adjustable Throttle Sensitivity From  5 – 50% Over stock
  • Remember Last Button Setting – Tow/Haul & Exhaust Brake Enable
  • Four Pre-Calibrated Tunes – Economy, Light Tow, Heavy Tow, Extreme
  • In-Vehicle ECM Unlock with ECM Unlock Tool Means No Mailing In PCM
Power Levels:
Heavy Tow: 75 HP - 150 Lb-ft TQ 
Economy:  100 HP - 200 Lb-ft TQ 
Light Tow: 125 HP - 250 Lb-ft TQ
Extreme:  150 HP - 350 Lb-ft TQ