EDGE PRODUCTS 32710 EZX MODULE 2019-2023 RAM 6.7L CUMMINS 2500/3500 | 2019-2022 RAM 6.7L CUMMINS 3500/4500/5500 (CAB & CHASSIS)

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The EZX is the ultimate performance upgrade for your 5th Gen Cummins offering total control over your truck with power adjustability on-the-fly. Offering easy installation, improved fuel economy, better towing performance, and feature controlled through the industry's first smartphone app you'll be amazed by what EZX can do for your Ram 2500/3500. Compatible with both Standard and High Output engine variants, the throttle response and drivability is exactly what you want and need. This module is completely plug and play and leaves no trace within the system when removed for dealer service work. Engineered and developed specifically for the daily driver and towing application, EZX is an upgrade you'll wish you made sooner.

With gains as much as 60hp/130ft-lbs torque, the EZX can be adjusted while driving through your factory steering wheel controls, allowing you to fine tune your driving experience at your fingertips. Using the innovative smartphone app available for download through your app store (available for both Android and IOS) you gain even more access to your trucks features including calibrating for tire size and gear ratio changes, throttle pedal sensitivity, max cruise control speed, exhaust brake/tow haul button recall, TPMS settings, engine temperature protection, gear display, fog lights with high beams, and even a turbo timer! EZX app also allows you to read and clear trouble codes, check your emissions readiness status and perform a manual DPF (Diesel Particular Filter) regen cycle. EZX offers features the competition just can't at a price point that's hard to beat!

The EZX allows you to control Power Levels and Engine High Idle through your steering wheel controls on the fly. All other features are controlled, enabled/disabled, or adjusted through the smartphone app.

  • Simple Plug And Play Installation
  • Easily Removable For Dealer Servicing
  • Power Gains Up To 60hp & 130 ft-lb Torque
  • Adjustable Max Cruise Control Speed Limiter
  • Calibrate Speedometer For Tires Up To 40" Tall
  • Enable Fog Lights To Stay On With High Beams
  • Enable Gear Display In Drive On Factory Display
  • Excellent For Daily Driving And Towing Applications
  • Compatible With Standard And High Output Engines
  • Adjust TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) Settings
  • Set-Up Your Own Turbo Timer Based Off EGT's Or Time
  • Cold/Hot Engine Protection Incrementally Adds or Removes Power
  • Smartphone App Allows User Control Over Multiple Vehicle Features
  • Fine Tune Throttle Sensitivity For Each Power Level Through The App
  • Perform Manual Regen, Emissions Readiness Tests, And Clear DTC's
  • Remembers Your Previous Exhaust Brake And Tow/Haul Settings On Start Up
  • 5 Power Levels Adjustable On The Fly Through Factory Steering Wheel Controls

Level 1 - 20HP/55TQ
Level 2 - 30HP/70TQ
Level 3 - 40HP/90TQ
Level 4 - 50HP/110TQ
Level 5 - 60HP/130TQ
Throttle Sensitivity Adjustable in Each Level via Phone App (phone or device not included)
Power Levels And Engine High Idle Control Via Steering Wheel Controls On-The-Fly
All Other Features Are Enabled/Disabled, Adjusted Via The Smartphone App
Tire Size - Recalibrates Speedometer For Aftermarket Tire Size (28"-40")
DTC Read/Clear - Reads And Clears CEL/CTS From ECM And TCM Modules
Emissions Readiness Tests - Checks If Emission Readiness Monitors Are Set
Manual Regeneration - Triggers A Manual DPF (Diesel Particular Filter) Regeneration
Fog Light Dropout - Enables/Disables Fog Lights To Be On While High Beams Are On
Max Cruise Set Speed - Adjustable Cruise Control Speed Limiter Between 40 And 97mph
TPMS - Can Toggle TPMS System, TPMS Warnings, Or TPMS Threshold Between 30-99psi
Power Level Change - 5 User Adjustable Power Levels Controlled Through Cruise Control Buttons
Button Recall - Remembers The Tow/Haul And Exhaust Brake Settings Across Multiple Key Cycles
Gear Display - Enables/Disables A Factory Cluster Option To Display Current Gear On Instrument Cluster
APP Remapping - 5 User Adjustable Throttle Sensitivity Levels (Economy, Drive, Sport, Performance, Extreme)
Axle Ratio - Recalibrates The Vehicle For Differential Gearing Changes (3.07, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 5.13, Or Custom)
Turbo Timer - Keeps The Engine Running Between 1-15 Minutes And/Or EGT Temps Between 250F-1000F After Ignition Has Been Turned Off
Backdown ECT - Option To Add Power Incrementally As The Engine Comes Up To Operating Temperature. Gradually Adds Power From 120F To 150F. Removes Added Power From 240F To 250F To Protect The Engine.
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