H&S Upper Fuel Filter Relocation Kit - 2011-2024 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

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We all share a passion for our 2011-2024 6.7L Power Strokes, but let's face it, they come straight from the factory with an abundance of troublesome plastic components. Ford, unfortunately, tends to overcomplicate what should be straightforward maintenance procedures. That's where we come in.

Our meticulously crafted kit is designed to revolutionize your 2011-2023 6.7L Power Stroke experience. It includes everything necessary to replace that inconveniently located under-the-hood fuel filter with our precision-engineered fuel filter relocation kit. We also swap out the fuel filter itself with a top-of-the-line, screw-on style Baldwin fuel filter.

Not only does this kit relocate your filter to a more accessible and user-friendly location under the truck, but it also enhances filtration efficiency, outperforming the factory setup. Say goodbye to that frustrating plastic filter housing and welcome a logical, easy-to-maintain solution that can be installed in under 30 minutes.

Upgrade your Power Stroke with the "Upper Fuel Filter Relocation Kit" today and experience the difference in both convenience and performance. Don't settle for factory complexities; choose a smarter, better way to maintain your 2011-2023 6.7L Power Stroke.


  • Re-locates the prone-to-crack and catch-fire upper plastic factory fuel filter with a higher quality spin-on 4-micron absolute fuel filter underneath the truck.
  • Makes fuel filter maintenance cheaper and easier.
  • Larger fuel filtration media
  •  Retains fuel injector return filtration with HSM filter screen fitting, unlike any competitors. 
  • Easy, quick plug-and-play installation, no cutting or removal of any factory components.
  • Will work with HSM lower fuel filter upgrade
  • The fuel filter system can be returned to stock in a matter of minutes if needed.
  • High-quality, made-in-the-USA, HSM billet fuel system components.
  • Highest quality braided diesel fuel lines.