PPE - Transmission Pan - Deep Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum - 2020-2024 3.0L Duramax 10L80 Transmission

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PPE’s Heavy-Duty DEEP 10L80 Transmission Pan holds an extra 4 quarts of fluid and is cast from high-quality aluminum alloy for strength and optimal heat dissipation. Simply stated, more is always better when it comes to transmission fluid. Higher volumes of fluid take longer to heat up allowing for more stable transmission temperatures which help to extend transmission life.

Cast gussets provide strength and overall robustness. Internal heat sinks wick heat and act as baffles to reduce fluid sloshing. External fins add surface area and use free-flowing air to radiate heat.

The PPE Heavy-Duty DEEP Aluminum Transmission Pan also features a high-power Neodymium magnet-equipped billet stainless steel drain plug to catch and hold harmful ferrous metal contaminants keeping them out of the transmission internals.


• Increases fluid capacity by 4 quarts which also lowers fluid temperature
• 3/4-inch external fins improve heat dissipation, lower transmission fluid temperature, and increase strength
• 5/8-inch internal baffles further improve heat dissipation and reduce the fluid sloshing effect
• High-power Neodymium magnet-equipped 304 stainless steel drain plug with Viton O-ring
• Tapped and plugged 1/8-inch NPT port for optional fluid temperature sensor
• Gussets provide extra support to the top flange and increases overall robustness
• Compatible with OEM gasket
• Limited lifetime warranty